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Social Empowering Radio – Job Shadowing

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Social Empowering Radio – Job shadowing, is an international project of three organizations. The project is founded to share practices on empowering radio work with young adults who are marginalized and in vulnerable position. The goals of the project are:

  • strengthening employees’ skills with job shadowing to support young adults in challenging life situations. Job shadowing is a procedure which enables learning by observing working methods of other operators and organizations.
  • to encourage new people to participate in working with community radio and media.

The project involves three organizations, all with experience of radio work with young people: Finland: Epic Light (Sosped Foundation), Italy: Radio Stella 180 Young (Associazione 180 Amici L’Aquila), Germany: Radio Corax (Corax ev initiative fur Freies radio). The project is EU-funded and is independently responsible for its content.

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